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Diet and Nutrition Resources

The optimal human nutrition is obtained from eating a carnivore diet centered around fatty animal foods. Eating this way provides optimal nutrition while avoiding unhealthy carbohydrates, vegetable oils, and plant toxins. Ideally, this is combined with one meal a day (OMAD). If this can’t be achieved, a standard ketogenic or even paleo food plan combined with a less restrictive intermittent fasting schedule can be a big step up for some.

In Depth Guides to Various High Fat Low Carb (HFLC) Diets

Articles on Keto, Carnivore, and High Fat Low Carb Superfoods

The Fertile Feast a new book by Doctor Kiltz

Plant Toxins and Antinutrients

Recipes, Cooking, & Meal Prep

Vitamins, Supplements, Services, and Other Keto Help

Food as Medicine

Keto + Carnivore Side Effects and Solutions

Origins and Evolution of Human Diet

Keto + Carnivore Myths (debunked)

  • myths

    17 Keto Myths: Debunked

    A look at the 17 most common keto myths, what they get wrong, and what you need to know to set the record straight

The Science


Low Carb Tips & Strategies

More on Keto + Carnivore

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