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Dr. K's Recommended Products and Services

  • Butcher Box

    There’s nothing like the convenience of subscription grass fed, grass finished beef and other meat products. My go to for mouth watering meats!

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  • US Wellness Meats

    Get nutritious foods from local farmers maintaining the highest farming standards to produce the highest quality meat for your table.

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  • Fertile Hope Yoga

    The world’s first and only online Yoga for Fertility. Our number one exercise and support recommendation for those trying to conceive.

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  • CBD

    CBD helps promote a healthy life. It has been shown to help relieve pain, anxiety, depression, and reduce inflammation.

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  • Keto Adapted

    Maria is our favorite Keto Coach. Adapting to the keto lifestyle can take some guidance. Maria is your girl!

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  • Snake River Farms

    My go-to steak. A bit pricey, but nothing beats the incredible American wagyu of snake river farms shipped right to your door.

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