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Carnivore Diet Ice Cream: Recipes, Benefits, and Tips

By Liam McAuliffe Updated on

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One of the great gifts of the carnivore diet is that when you cut out hyper-palatable, processed, sugar-sweetened junk, you begin to truly taste your food again. Cue the homemade carnivore diet ice cream. This sugar-free frosty treat tunes you into the rich, surprisingly sweet, yet low-carb flavor of fresh heavy cream.

In this article, you’ll find a couple of delicious high-fat, low-carb homemade carnivore diet ice cream recipes. And we’ll also highlight some of its health benefits.

Can You Have Dairy on the Carnivore Diet? 

Before jumping into the recipe, it’s worth taking a moment to address the question of dairy on the carnivore diet

Since a carnivore diet calls for consuming only animal products, and since dairy is an animal product, it is technically allowed on carnivore. 

However, lower-fat dairy, like milk, is high in carbs, and carnivore is a high-fat low-carb diet. 

Additionally, many people come to carnivore in order to overcome digestive issues and food allergies. And dairy can be irritating to some people.

For these reasons, many people begin the carnivore diet with a strict elimination protocol of red meat, salt, and water.  

After 30-90 days on the “Lion Diet,” as this approach is called, it’s common for people to reintroduce raw and full-fat dairy. 

But if, like the majority of people, you digest dairy just fine, then feel free to enjoy this carnivore diet ice cream from the start. 

It’s also worth noting that heavy cream provides special fatty acids like Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which has been shown to support heart health and offer powerful anti-inflammatory effects.

Kiltz Mighty Tribe

Boost Your Fat Intake on Keto and Carnivore

The carnivore diet is an extremely low-carb way of eating–meat has essentially zero carbs. 

When you cut carbs you need to get most of your calories from fat. This is because of a metabolic principle known as the “protein constraint,” which refers to the fact that we can only get around 35% of our calories from protein before suffering protein poisoning. The other 65-70% of calories need to come from fat. 

This makes Kiltz’s homemade ice cream a delicious way to dramatically boosting your fat intake to meet your carnivore maco ratios. 

Guilt Free Every Day (No Sugar) Kiltz’s Carnivore Ice Cream Recipe

This no-sugar carnivore ice cream recipe is so pure and nourishing that it can be eaten every day, even for breakfast. 

The vanilla is optional. If you’re going to be a strict carnivore, go ahead and leave it out. 

Even without sweeteners or vanilla, it’s still surprisingly sweet, especially when you’ve become accustomed to the carnivore diet. 


  • 1 Pint of high-quality heavy cream, best from grass-fed, pastured, and/or local sources
  • 1 egg or 5 egg yolks (pasture raised is best)–egg yolks will make it richer and more custard-like, yum!
  • optional: 1 Vanilla Bean (or vanilla extract)
  • optional: salt to taste – start with 1-3 pinches (1/16 to 1/4 tsp) of sea/Himalayan salt

Kiltz’s Guilt-Free Everyday Carnivore Ice Cream Nutrition



  • combine egg, salt, and vanilla (optional) in a large bowl and whisk thoroughly
  • combine and whisk heavy cream with egg mixture
  • pour the mixture into your ice cream maker and follow the specific instructions of your ice cream maker

Follow Along with Dr. Kiltz as He Makes His Guilt Free Keto Ice Cream

Kiltz Mighty Tribe

Original Kiltz’s Keto Ice Cream Recipe (Treat Version w/ Sugar)

For those of you practicing less restrictive low-carb diets like the BEBBIIS diet, and various other ketogenic diets, this one is for you. 

This ecipe calls for only a small amount of sugar or alternative sweeteners like honey or maple syrup. 

If you’re on a pure carnivore or zero carb diet, consider this a treat/cheat. 

This recipe makes four servings. Per serving, this recipe contributes 

  • 6.5 grams of carbs 
  • 44.1 grams of nourishing fat 

Most people can handle these carbs, and the trade-off in terms of fat boost is well worth it. 


Makes 1 pint (4 servings)

  • 1 Pint of high-quality heavy cream (preferably grass-fed, local, and/or organic)
  • 1 egg or 5 egg yolks (pasture raised is best). Egg yolks will give it a richer, more custardy texture. Egg yolks are also the portion of eggs that have the most nutrients. 
  • 1-2 TBSP of granulated pure cane sugar. You can also substitute sugar for honey, maple syrup, or alternative sweetener). Cane sugar contributes 13 grams of carbs per tablespoon. This comes out to as little as 3 grams per serving (¼ pint)
  • 1 Vanilla Bean (or vanilla paste/extract)
  • Optional: Salt to taste – start with 1-3 pinches (1/16 to 1/4 tsp) of sea/Himalayan salt

Kiltz’s Original Keto Ice Cream Nutrition


  • combine egg (or egg yolks), salt, sugar, and vanilla in a large bowl. Whisk together 
  • Whisk heavy cream into the egg mixture 
  • Pour mixture into an ice cream maker and follow instructions specific to your ice cream maker 

Follow Along With Dr. Kiltz’s How To Video

Pro Tip #1: Use Raw Heavy Cream

Raw heavy cream may offer numerous benefits over pasteurized cream. 

Studies have shown that when children regularly consume raw dairy they are 50% less likely to develop allergies and 41% less likely to develop asthma.

Raw dairy has also been shown to protect against various illnesses due to what scientists call “naturally immunizing effects.”

In raw dairy, the proteins, enzymes, and immunoglobulins are 100% intact, and levels of vitamin A, E, zinc, calcium, iron, and B vitamins are substantially higher.

Pro Tip #2: Use A2 Heavy Cream

If possible, source raw A2 dairy. Most dairy contains A1 casein protein.

In the body, A1 casein protein is broken down into beta-casomorphin-7. This peptide has been shown to damage the pancreas and set off autoimmune responses throughout the body.

 A2 dairy has been associated with less digestive discomfort and does not get broken down into BC7.

Carnivore Diet Ice Cream: The Bottom Line

If you’re craving ice cream on the carnivore diet, these recipes are not only satisfying but nourishing. 

Carnivore diet ice cream, even with a little sugar from time to time, may be just the treat you need to keep you on the carnivore wagon while leveling up your fat/protein ratios.

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