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8 Reasons Why BEBBIIS is Best!

The BEBBIIS approach to eating was developed by renown reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Kiltz, when he…

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The Three Keys to Health and Longevity

Whether you’re just starting out on your journey to optimal health, or seeking fresh insights, Dr. Kiltz’s three pillars to health, wellness, and longevity are here to help.

Pillar I

High-Fat Low-Carb Eating

A diet centered on whole, animal-based fatty foods provides an abundance of bioavailable nutrients while reducing inflammatory sugars, plant toxins, and antinutrients. Carnivore is best, but keto and paleo can be a bit step up for some.

Pillar II

Intermittent Feasting (aka Intermittent Fasting)

We evolved to function optimally with long periods of no food followed by short periods of feasting. One Meal a Day (OMAD) is best but shorter fast/feast regimens may provide some of the same benefits.

Pillar III

Mindlfulness, Meditation & Slowing Down

Rest, digest, and reset. Meditation, low-impact exercises, and staying cool attunes us to the present moment, balances our nervous systems, reduces anxiety, stress, and inflammation, and helps boost immune function, mental focus, and memory.

Pillar I

High Fat Low Carb Diet

The first pillar of health, wellness, and longevity is the food we eat.  A low-carb high-fat diet based primarily on nutrient-dense animal foods brings our physiology into alignment with the natural ways humans evolved to eat since the dawn of our species. Carnivore is best, but keto and paleo may still be helpful and easier to comply with for some.

Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet eliminates highly processed foods and focuses on fresh meats, seafood, fruits, root vegetables, nuts, and seeds. While an improvement over the Standard American Diet, there are many reasons why Paleo is not the optimal human diet, nor is it what humans likely ate in the paleolithic period.

Standard Keto Diet

A keto diet dramatically reduces carbs and increases fat intake. Keto has been shown to support the immune system,  promote fertility, maintain cardiovascular health, regulate mood, promote bone health, and more.

Carnivore Diet

A carnivore diet calls for eating 100% animal foods and eliminates all plant foods. It accords most closely with the dietary patterns humans evolved on for nearly two million years. As a type of keto, the carnivore diet enhances many of keto’s benefits while eliminating plant toxins and antinutrients.

Why High Fat Low Carb

Nutrient Dense Superfood

Move on over Kale. Animal-based foods dominate the game on both a macro and micronutrient level. Don’t believe us, toggle on a few of the plant and animal-based foods along with some nutrients and get ready for your mind to be blown.

Superfoods Nutrients

The Vegetative Burden

Mainstream nutritional guidelines calling for three meals a day of plant-based foods result in a chronically high intake of sugar, along with inflammatory plant toxins and antinutrients. These foods inhibit digestive enzymes, block the absorption of nutrients, flood the bloodstream with glucose and toxins, and clog digestive tracts with abrasive fiber leading to chronic inflammation, constipation, and GI disorders

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Pillar II

Intermittent Feasting (AKA Intermittent Fasting)

Ancestral Eating Patterns that Benefit Modern Life

Humans evolved on a dietary cycle of feasting on large animals and fasting for long periods of time between successful hunts. Over eons, the men and women whose brains and bodies functioned best in fasted states became the best at hunting food, surviving, and reproducing. We are their offspring.

As part of a modern lifestyle, intermittent fasting aligns us with our evolutionary physiology, liberates us from food addictions, clears the bowels, and opens up time and mental space for relationship, career, and creative goals.

We recommend One Meal a Day at night, but other shorter or longer fast and feast strategies may be more accommodating for some.




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Pillar III

Mind, Body, Smile


Meditation, visualization, intentions, and sleep strategies help focus awareness on the things that matter most in life. Our attention is our greatest asset, and it can be used in ways that unlock the potential of our minds and bodies.


Regular movement keeps us healthy, but excessive, high-impact exercise damages our bodies. Low-impact practices like yoga, pilates, swimming, walking, and even just standing all day will give your body what it needs while reducing inflammatory wear-and-tear.


Hobbies like painting, pottery, playing music, and outdoor experiences ground us in the present moment, build confidence, and align us with our innate skills and interest.


3 Guided Mindfulness Activities to Improve Your Life

Have you heard about mindfulness and are curious about how to practice it? Try these 3 mindfulness activities.

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A Word from Dr. Kiltz

The dreams we have for our futures exist for a reason. Our commitment to ourselves to follow these dreams determines the quality of our lives. While this journey may not always be easy, I am here to help.

I believe that everyone deserves to have a family. I provide access to care for all, including those turned away from other clinics. While I am a Western trained reproductive endocrinologist, I have become a fertility specialist by integrating traditional Eastern medicine into my practice to bring together the best of both worlds.

Through the power of positive thinking, dietary changes, and a nurturing attitude toward overall health, you can achieve what you envision and desire most. By showing up for yourself, you have already begun. I’m here to show up for you too.

DOCTOR ROBERT KILTZ Founder & Director


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