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Keto Wine: 10 Best Low Carb Wines

Drake is famous for a lot of things, including the quote, “Seven days without wine…


Flow State 101: What is Flow, and How to Get into it?

Flow! What is it, and how to get into it?


Yoga Nidra 101: Full Body Relaxation, Benefits, and Tips

Access a state of consciousness between waking and sleep for powerful mind and body benefits

Immune System

Ice Bath 101: Benefits, Research, Tips

Ice baths have been a common therapeutic practice of athletes and other fitness enthusiasts for…


Caffeine and Fertility: The Whole Truth

Enjoying a morning cup of coffee or tea is a daily ritual for most of…


Mindfulness Exercises in Everyday Life

Looking for simple mindfulness exercises but don’t have time to sit and meditate? Look no further


9 Benefits of Cycling: Proven Reasons to Start Peddling

Cycling is a gentle aerobic exercise that almost anyone can get into. It’s also one of the few purely aerobic exercises that most people find fun. 


3 Guided Mindfulness Activities to Improve Your Life

Have you heard about mindfulness and are curious about how to practice it? Try these 3 mindfulness activities.


Boosting Your Natural Fertility: The Essential Guide for Women and Men

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant and it’s just not working, it might be time to try these natural approaches to increase your fertility.


Is Caffeine Bad for You? Or Good?

Caffeine gets a bad rap when it comes to sleep problems and anxiety, but studies have discovered that caffeine has many health benefits.


Positive Psychology: A Guide for Beginners

Most psychology is focused on addressing what is wrong in the world, but positive psychology asks, “what are people doing right?”


18 Nutrients to Boost Fertility in Men and Women

For millions of people, the road to parenthood is a major challenge, and evidence suggests…


Keto and COVID-19: Boost Immunity and Reduce Risks

Exciting results from a recent study show a ketogenic (keto) diet may be useful in…


Infertility 101: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that one in eight couples has trouble becoming pregnant? Learn about the factors that prevent pregnancy, and what to do about them.


Visualization Techniques: A Guide to Unlocking Your Potential

Visualization techniques have been used for millennia to achieve life goals, big and small–is it time for you to give them a try?


The Fertility Diet: How to Eat when Trying to Get Pregnant

The single greatest factor you have control over that can radically increase your odds of conception

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