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Meat for Mental Health vs. Vegetarian Depression

Numerous studies link eating meat with better mood and more stable mental health. Most of…


Can You Be Fat and Healthy? Yes!

Can you think of anything more demonized than fat-both as a food, and as part…


36 Powerful Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

Positive affirmations for anxiety are small phrases that can help us reset our internal dialogue…


Low Intensity Exercises: Health Benefits and Types

Low-intensity exercise provides powerful health benefits without the stress, and wear and tear, and inflammation…


20 Minute Nap: Health Benefits and More

Power naps have been shown to improve cognitive performance, revive alertness, and boost mood [1]. …

Immune System

Inflammation: Acute, Chronic, and Causes

When our body’s immune response is functioning properly, inflammation is a temporary response that actually…

Immune System

Earthing and Grounding: Science, Benefits, How to

‘Earthing’ and ‘Grounding’ are two names given to therapeutic techniques that connect the body to…


Body Scan Meditation: Benefits and Script

Body scan meditation is a type of mindfulness meditation where you focus your awareness on…


Top 7 Health Benefits of Standing Desks

If you’re reading this while standing at a desk, give yourself a pat on the…

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