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Meat for Mental Health vs. Vegetarian Depression

Numerous studies link eating meat with better mood and more stable mental health. Most of…


36 Powerful Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

Positive affirmations for anxiety are small phrases that can help us reset our internal dialogue…


Positive Thinking: Benefits, Quotes, and Techniques

Positive thinking is a powerful skill for transforming your life that you can cultivate with…


Power of Positive Self Talk: Benefits and Strategies

Self-talk is the internal dialogue that is constantly running through our minds. It can be…


20 Minute Nap: Health Benefits and More

Power naps have been shown to improve cognitive performance, revive alertness, and boost mood [1]. …


Body Scan Meditation: Benefits and Script

Body scan meditation is a type of mindfulness meditation where you focus your awareness on…


Benefits of Napping: Health, Creativity, Performance

The benefits of napping come from aligning our behavior with the way our energy levels…


Meditation for Stress and Anxiety Relief: 7 Proven Techniques

There are many types of meditation aimed at relieving stress and anxiety. Some of these meditations…


Coffee Nap: Benefits of Caffeine Before a Nap

When we’re feeling lethargic at work we make bee-lines to the coffee shop. And when…


Setting Powerful Daily Intentions: 15 Examples and Tips

When beginning each day there are a few powerful techniques that can dramatically improve your…


Micro Napping: Benefits and Tips

Some people like power naps, while some of history’s most creative people like Salvadore Dali,…


Power Nap: How to, How Long, Benefits, and Research

What do Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, and Winston Churchill have in common? They all…


Flow State 101: What is Flow, and How to Get into it?

Flow! What is it, and how to get into it?

Immune System

Ice Bath 101: Benefits, Research, Tips

Ice baths have been a common therapeutic practice of athletes and other fitness enthusiasts for…


Mindfulness Exercises in Everyday Life

Looking for simple mindfulness exercises but don’t have time to sit and meditate? Look no further


3 Guided Mindfulness Activities to Improve Your Life

Have you heard about mindfulness and are curious about how to practice it? Try these 3 mindfulness activities.

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