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8 Reasons Why BEBBIIS is Best!

By Liam McAuliffe Updated on

The BEBBIIS approach to eating was developed by renown reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Kiltz, when he set out to discover lifestyle changes that would definitively improve his own health and wellness, and that of his patients who were desperately trying to conceive. 

Dr. Kiltz was distraught at how poorly people treated their bodies and the amount of disinformation being propagated by the food, pharmaceutical, and farming industries about what was “healthy”. 

Dr. Kiltz’s decades-long research and experimentation with dietary lifestyle changes led him to develop his own approach to a high fat, medium protein, and extremely low-carb diet. His foundational approach to wellness is contained in the acronym, B.E.B.B.I.I.S. (pronounced “babies”).

B.E.B.B.I.I.S. stands for Bacon, Eggs, Butter, Beef, Ice Cream, Intermittent Fasting, Salt

Focusing your diet on these animal-based whole foods dramatically reduces inflammation, protects you from the ravages of carbohydrates, eliminates exposure to plant toxins, and nourishes every cell in your body with healthy fats and essential nutrients.  

Let’s take a closer look at what the BEBBIIS diet is, and what makes it so effective. 

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What is the BEBBIIS Diet? 

Anyone who knows Dr. Kiltz has heard him repeat these six foods and intermittent fasting like a mantra: Bacon, eggs, butter, beef, homemade keto ice cream, intermittent fasting, and salt. 

A key point is that you don’t have to only eat B.E.B.B.I.S. These foods are offered as a memorable rule of thumb for keeping you focused on fatty meat, eggs, and full-fat dairy. Think of each food as the archetype of an entire category of nutrient-dense superfoods

“Bacon” and “Beef” represent all fatty meat including: 

  • Pork belly and other fatty cuts like baby back ribs and pork shoulder
  • Fatty cuts of lamb like lamb chop, leg, neck, and shank
  • Fatty cuts of steak like Ribeye, short ribs, and NY strip, brisket, and 80/20 ground beef
  • Fatty cuts of Bison like ribeye and shortribs
  • Fatty fish and seafood like salmon belly and Atlantic mackerel 
  • Nutrient-dense organ meats like duck liver and beef liver

“Eggs” includes all types of eggs

“Butter” represents all forms of animal fats including: 

Grass-fed butter benefits@2x

Learn more about the benefits of butter here.

“Ice Cream” represents both Dr. Kiltz’s homemade keto ice cream and other infrequent treats like dark chocolate, french fries (fried in tallow, not vegetable oil), and even a slice of cake if you’re at a birthday party. 

Once you’ve spent some time on BEBBIIS, your body will calibrate to seek and be satiated by these nourishing foods. Then it’s OK to have a treat once or twice a month, or on special occasions. This won’t negatively impact your health, and you’ll have kicked your carb addiction, so it won’t threaten your long-term lifestyle goals. 

“Intermittent Feasting” (AKA intermittent fasting) means eating your BEBBIIS foods during one  (OMAD) or two meals a day, ideally between 4-6 pm. This gives our digestive system time to rest while opening up time and mental space for focusing on creativity, relationships, and life goals. 

“Salt” is an essential nutrient, and it makes food delicious! Despite the anti-salt dogma spouted by mainstream nutritionists, modern research shows us that salt does not negatively affect blood pressure or heart health.

“Salt” also reminds us that when we cut carbs and focus on whole foods we’re eliminating all processed foods which are usually very high in salt. 

When making the transition to a high-fat low-carb diet your body also flushes lots of fluids that contain electrolytes, so it’s important to replenish electrolytes by adding salt to your whole animal foods. 

Kiltz Mighty Tribe


The effectiveness of BEBBIIS to optimize health and wellness can be attributed to 8 main factors, which we’ll unpack below. 

1. BEBBIIS Eliminates Plant Toxins and Antinutrients

Most people have never heard of plant toxins and antinutrients. We can thank the pervasive plant-based nutritional establishment for that. 

The truth is plants don’t want to be eaten–they want to survive and perpetuate like all lifeforms. What they lack in animal defenses like claws, teeth, and feet, they make up for in an arsenal of chemical plant defense mechanisms

Plants use their array of toxins to fend off predators–and in many instances to drive down their populations by using phytohormones to make them infertile! 

Researchers estimate that humans consuming plant foods ingest around 1.5 grams of natural pesticides every day. That works out to 10,000 times more natural pesticides than synthetic compounds.

In addition to toxins explicitly designed to harm predators, plants also contain compounds that when consumed by humans act as antinutrients. Antinutrients get their name because they interfere with digestive enzymes and bind to minerals leading to nutritional deficiencies. 

Both plant toxins and antinutrients contribute to an all too common condition called intestinal permeability or “leaky gut,” which promotes chronic inflammation and autoimmune disorders.

By eliminating most plant foods, the BEBBIIS diet protects you from the following plant toxins: 


Common plant toxins and antinutrients include:

Dr. Kiltz’s Bottom Line

Plant toxins and antinutrients are frequently the culprits behind digestive disorders, headaches, asthma, joint pain, and other allergic responses associated with food sensitivities and various inflammatory autoimmune diseases. 

Our primate ancestors evolved into humans by leaving plants behind and consuming a diet of fatty meats. Our bodies are physiologically primed to thrive on meat, while we’ve lost the ability to safely digest plant foods. We came out of the trees to eat the plant eaters, not the plants. 

Destructive plant antigens—naturally occurring vegetable compounds that attack healthy human cells—along with glucose from plants get micronized in our gut and deposited through the bloodstream to every organ in our bodies, leading to widespread inflammation. 

Kiltz Mighty Tribe

2. BEBBIIS Eliminates Seed Oils

A BEBBIIS approach to eating completely eliminates industrial seed “vegetable” oils–one of the unhealthiest “foods” ever invented. 

Numerous studies tell us that the modern turn towards industrial vegetable oils is a driving force behind heart disease, various cancers and inflammatory and metabolic disorders. 

Vegetable and seed oils have been shown to cause.

  • oxidative stress
  • inflammation
  • mitochondrial dysfunction
  • genetic damage

Studies show that only morbid obesity and heavy smoking are more deadly than vegetable oil. Since we know that consuming vegetable oil is a key driver in obesity, it is safe to say that vegetable oil is actually the most dangerous lifestyle factor on earth. In fact, Dr. Kiltz believes that it isn’t unhealthy to be obese, it is unhealthy to be eating the foods in such quantities that typically lead to obesity and that their health is dramatically improved with dietary changes far before any weight is lost.

graph of Increased Risk of Death by Diet Lifestyle Factor


3. BEBBIIS Eliminates Bacteria

A BEBBIIS diet that eliminates most plant foods protects us from exposure to ubiquitous toxins both within and on the outside of plants.

Studies show that alarmingly high percentages of plant foods are contaminated with protecting harmful bacteria like listeria, E. coli, and Klebsiella.

A 2016 study that examined 105 samples of imported fresh fruits and vegetables found that  60% of fruits and 91% of vegetables carried potentially harmful bacteria. 

  • 20% of fruits and 42% of vegetables had Enterococcus.
  • 22% of fruits and 7% of vegetables had E. coli and S. aureus
  • 21 other species of bacteria where identified with E. coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Enterococcus casseliflavus, and Enterobacter cloacae as the most abundant species.

graph showing different fruits and vegetables contaminated by bacteria

A 2021 review found that “raw consumption of many fresh leafy and non-leafy vegetables, root vegetables, sprouts, and fruits results in the exposure of humans to foodborne bacterial pathogens, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria (ARB) 6. In recent decades, exposure to antimicrobial-resistant pathogens through the food chain has increasingly been reported to cause foodborne disease outbreaks. The presence of ARB (antibiotic resistance bacteria) and ARGs (antimicrobial resistance genes) in fresh produce and salads consumed raw poses potential public health risks of unknown magnitude. Preventing ARB/ARG exposure through fresh produce may be challenging considering the cross-cutting issues related to food security and food safety…”

Dr. Kiltz’s Bottom Line

Because of the widespread presence of bacterial contamination, I strongly recommend that my patients stop consuming fresh vegetables. 

That triple-washed lettuce that you get in popular restaurant salads is really nature’s toilet paper. Don’t eat it. 

4. Eliminates Fiber

The BEBBIIS diet calls for a drastic reduction in fiber. For most of us raised with the fiber myths that we can’t poop without fiber, and that we need it to reduce cholesterol and to keep our bowels clean and healthy can have some trouble with this one. So let’s let the science speak for itself. 

The fact is modern research is telling us that dietary fiber is wholly unnecessary and likely harmful.

Researchers did not mince their words in this 2012 study published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology. They state, “the previous strongly-held belief that the application of dietary fiber to help constipation is but a myth. Our study shows a very strong correlation between improving constipation and its associated symptoms after stopping dietary fiber intake.”

A 2007 randomized control trial found that eliminating fiber for as little as two weeks leads to significant reductions in symptoms of IBS and constipation. The idea that fiber is more detrimental than beneficial makes sense in the context of our ancestral dietary evolution. Our cavemen ancestors evolved on a diet of mainly fatty meat for nearly two million years.  




Dr. Kiltz’s Bottom Line

Over the eons humans lost the ability to digest fibers into fatty acids–like gorillas and other herbivores–because we simply ate the fatty animals instead. It’s much more efficient to digest fat than it is to turn fiber into fat. This turn away from plants freed up energy and nutrients to grow our massive brains–the very thing that makes us human. 

There’s no reason to go back to fiber. In fact, my observations as a fertility doctor lead me to believe that the constant sugar and fiber fermenting in our bowels spreads inflammation to tissue and organs throughout the entire lower abdominal region, including our tubes, ovaries, uterus, prostate, seminal vesicles, and testicles. 

It bears emphasizing that in the majority of cases I treat, infertility is an inflammatory disease! 

5. BEBBIIS Protects You From Excess Carbs

By focusing on fatty animal foods the BEBBIIS way of eating turns off the chronic stream of glucose that we get from a high-carb standard American Diet

Our ancestors only encountered sugar sporadically when seasonal fruits were ripe. Our constant intake of plant-food carbs and toxins is highly misaligned with our physiology. 

All this sugar destroys a delicate membrane surrounding all our cells called the glycocalyx that plays a key role in immune health and numerous critical bodily functions

detail of Glycocalyx

And it promotes the harmful binding of sugar molecules to healthy tissues in a process called glycation

diagram of glycation from carbohydrate molecule

By turning off the tap on sugar you protect your body from chronic cell and tissue damage associated with: 

  • Reduced immune system strength
  • Kidney failure
  • Eye damage and other complications of diabetes
  • Diseases such as PCOS and insulin resistance
  • High blood pressure
  • Progressive heart disease
  • Cancer metastasis and resistance to chemotherapy
  • inflammatory diseases (including autoimmune diseases, bowel disorders, osteoporosis, infertility, and more)
  • type 2 diabetes 
  • epithelial cell cancers
Dr. Kiltz’s Bottom Line
The BEBBIIS diet reduces both sugar and vegetable oil consumption which together are the root causes of the ‘the diseases of civilization’. These diseases were virtually non-existent in traditional societies. Disease-free hunter gatherer societies were nourished diets high in animal fats, and had only small and infrequent amounts of natural sugars

6. BEBBIS Nourishes Your Body with Ultra-Nutrient Dense Fatty Meats and Animal Fats

Balanced diet nutrition, healthy eating concept. Food sources rich in vitamin B12, cobalamin on a kitchen table. Top view flat lay background

Animal foods are the most nutrient-dense and healthiest foods in the world. They offer an abundance of every macro and micronutrient your body needs to thrive. And they’re free from non-essential carbs along with plant toxins and antinutrients. 

The idea that animal foods are healthy can come as a shock to most of us raised in a world where meat has been thoroughly demonized since the 1960s. 

But modern research is telling us that the demonization of meat is totally unfounded and has been one of the most catastrophic public health directives in human history. 

  • Total meat consumption correlates to greater life expectancy, independent of the competing effects of total calorie intake, economic affluence, urban advantages, and obesity
  • Saturated fat when consumed as part of a matrix of whole foods including fresh meat, is healthy

Read more about why steak is healthy here. And learn more about how meat does not cause cancer here

Ribeye Steak: King of Superfoods

image of ribeye steak with nutrition data listed

Let’s take a look at Dr. Kiltz’s favorite ribeye steak as an example of what he means by nutrient-dense superfood. 

​​Ribeye steak and other fatty ruminant meats are chock full of healthy fats, B vitamins, zinc, selenium, and various nutrients only found in meat: 

  • Carnitine: supports male fertility, mitochondrial function, supports heart health and fertility
  • Taurine: This antioxidant can reduce glycation, reduce oxidative stress, and improve mental health
  • Carnosine: Supports heart health, reduces glycation, and protects telomeres for anti-aging benefits
  • Creatine: improves cognition and protects against neurodegeneration. Supports athletic performance, and heart health
B1 (THIAMIN) 14%
B3 (NIACIN)44%

In the chart below you can see how beef, eggs, and liver stack up against so-called superfoods from the plant kingdom:


7. BEBBIIS Brings the Benefits of Intermittent Feasting (Fasting) 

Dr. Kiltz calls intermittent fasting by its more accurate term, “feasting”. 

It’s another feature of ancestral eating patterns that we can apply to our modern lifestyle to optimize our health and wellness. 

Our ancestors didn’t have refrigeration so they had to feast on their prey when it was fresh. Then between successful hunts they fasted. Over eons our bodies and brains adapted to this pattern as a metabolically optimal rhythm. 

We see this reflected in modern research that reveals how we have better cognitive function during times of food scarcity. And our cognitive ability diminishes when we don’t fast .

Other Intermittent fasting research shows how adopting this ancestral fasting/feasting pattern to our modern lives can offer numerous health benefits including

  • Restoring gut health
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • cholesterol and triglycerides control
  • Supports heart health
  • increased lean muscle mass
  • Stimulates human growth hormone
  • Stem cell production
  • supports mindful eating habits

Dr. Kiltz Recommends the OMAD Intermittent Feasting Method

There are a lot of different intermittent fasting methods, and all of them can be effective.

However, according to Dr. Kiltz, the ideal method for BEBBIIS is OMAD, which stands for “One Meal a Day.” Practicing OMAD consistently trains your body to rest and digest at the same time every day. 

Eating right after sundown will also allow you to take advantage of the benefits of circadian rhythm fasting.

graph showing benefits of eating after sundown

Source: Scientific Reports

(source: Intermittent fasting from dawn to sunset for four consecutive weeks induces anticancer serum proteome response and improves metabolic syndrome)

With OMAD it’s important to eat enough–and that’s where BEBBIIS comes in. These foods are extremely nutrient-dense and efficient, while also being incredibly delicious. This OMAD meal plan can help you formulate your BEBBIS diet into nourishing OMAD meals. 

8. Super Simple and Easy to Follow

BEBBIIS is incredibly easy to follow. It simplifies shopping, cooking, and eating. 

The foods are so nutrient-rich that you’ll need to eat fewer types of food, less often, while ending each feast feeling completely satiated. 

Eating one or two BEBBIS meals a day frees up time, energy, and mental space to focus on every other aspect of life like your relationships, connecting with nature and creativity, personal growth, and career goals. 

Guilt-Free Real Life Flexibility

On BEBBIIS you’re also free to have a treat once in a while and on special occasions. BEBBIIS isn’t about being dogmatic or punishing.

Go ahead and enjoy a piece of birthday cake, some tallow-fried french fries, and Dr. Kiltz’s keto ice cream is always a nourishing reward for being the awesome person that you are. 


Fat has twice as many calories per gram as either protein or carbs. This means that when you’re eating a fatty BEBBIIS meal, you’re actually eating less food by weight while getting a superior return on investment.

Animal foods are also much higher in bioavailable micronutrients–so you simply don’t need to eat as much stuff. It’s all there in these foods that are perfectly designed by nature to fuel our bodies. 

When you’re satiated from whole animal foods there’s no need to waste money on nutrient-hollow snacks. 

And when you’re cutting nearly all plant foods you’re dramatically reducing food waste–the average American throws out $1600 in produce each year. 5 

Imagine how much delicious ribeye you could buy with that!

The BEBBIIS Plan: The Bottom Line

I developed the BEBBIIS plan over decades as a fertility doctor.

This high-fat low-carb way of eating eliminates all harmful processed and plant foods, reduces inflammation, and nourishes your body with the most nutritious foods on earth.

This simple and easy-to-follow way of eating also provides some flexibility for wholesome low-sugar treats that make it sustainable and enjoyable for the long-haul.

Ultimately, adopting the BEBBIIS plan will help you reclaim your metabolic health and boost your energy so you can live your very best life.

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