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Antinutrients and Plant Toxins

Low-Lectin and Lectin-Free Foods

Lectins are one of numerous plant toxins and antinutrients that have only recently been explored…


Foods High in Lectins to Avoid

Plant Lectins are sticky proteins that bind to glucose molecules. They’re a key plant defense…


Lectins 101: Antinutrient You Should Know About

Lectins are one of the numerous antinutrients found in plant foods. Defined as proteins that…


Are Peanuts Keto Friendly? Carbs, Benefits, and Dangers

Peanuts provide keto-friendly fats and protein, and most people think they’re delicious. But there are…


Gluten 101: Food or Foe? 

Gluten: it’s tasty, craveable, and…controversial.  A 2013 survey found that over 30% of Americans make…

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