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Are you currently Keto or Carnivore?


How long have you been keto/carnivore?

13 months

Describe what a Typical Day of Eating Looks like for you.

2MAD (Two Meals a Day)

Lunch @ noon: 8 oz wild caught salmon, 4 oz brocollini

Dinner: 10 oz chicken breast breaded with ground pork rinds, 4 oz hard raw goat milk cheddar cheese, pork rinds, 4 oz Lillys sugar free 85% dark chocolate

Describe the health changes you have experienced since going keto/carnivore.

Type 2 diabetes reversed: started at A1c of 11.2, now 5.2

Lost 125 lbs

Shirt size from 3x to L, pant waist size from 54 to 33

Your Keto/Carnivore Story

Thankful for my T2 diabetes diagnosis
Really. There is nothing else that could have gotten me to be healthier than ever, and gotten me to be confident I will remain as healthy as possible.
Because of T2, I:
* Monitor my health every day
* Know everything I put in my body, and why
* Take control over one of the few things I can in this life
* Have confidence that I do all I can for my health
* Changed my lifestyle, instead of dieting
* Stopped eating poison (aka the standard American diet)
* Glad to help others to make similar changes

Without this diagnosis, I am sure I would have continued with undiagnosed hyperinsulinemia and died of cardiovascular disease.

Because I’ve reversed my T2 (A1C of 11.2 to 5.2), I can confidently ignore advice some (most?) “experts” give to those with this disease because I am living proof that doing it the right way (very low carb, whole real food) works.

It’s right there in my bloodwork results. This lifestyle saved me. My T2 diagnosis has made me better.
For scared newcomers to this group, you can choose to embrace your diagnosis to make yourself healthier and better than ever.

What is the best (or top 3) pieces of advice you could give someone starting their keto/carnivore health journey?

Give it time. It took a very long time to get to the state you are in. Healing that will take some time.

Trust that the human body is built to heal itself of most conditions if you fuel it properly.

Read labels, don’t trust companies.

No bags, boxes, or barcodes (credit: Dr. Ben Bikman)

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