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Dr. Christian

Are you currently Keto or Carnivore?


How long have you been keto/carnivore?

2 months

Describe what a Typical Day of Eating Looks like for you.

No breakfast
Tuna and cottage cheese for lunch
Ribeye and eggs for dinner

Describe the health changes you have experienced since going keto/carnivore.

I have dramatically shrunk. I am diagnosed with colitis ulserosa and all of my symptoms have disappeared.

My stool is still not firm but has no blood and I only go about every second day. Before, it could be ten times a day. My appetite is much more manageable. It is like getting off a drug. I don’t think about food all the time, and I have noticed that my interest in alcohol has diminished significantly.

Your Keto/Carnivore Story

Started with my doctor telling me about low FODMAP, but it was too complicated so carnivore was simply just easier and eliminated all carbs and fibers.

I work as a dentist and see what sugars do to teeth and gums, so I found it very easy to believe that carbs could cause similar damage further down the GI tract.

What is the best (or top 3) pieces of advice you could give someone starting their keto/carnivore health journey?

1) it is an unbelievably easy way to lose weight
2) your mind clears up and gives you what I would call energetic calm
3) you still get to eat a lot of delicious food

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