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Are you currently Keto or Carnivore?


How long have you been keto/carnivore?

35 weeks

Describe what a Typical Day of Eating Looks like for you.

4-5 eggs, a splash of 1/2 &1/2 a handful of shredded cheese, and 4-5oz of bacon for breakfast
a 24oz ribeye for dinner
75-25 hamburger patties as a snack [rarely]

Describe the health changes you have experienced since going keto/carnivore.

  • Cravings are gone and when they do try to show up, my desire to not go back to bondage [carbs] easily overcomes
  • No bloating ever
  • Huge health benefits all around
  • No cravings
  • Weight loss [-57lbs]
  • Mental clarity
  • improved memory
  • Stopped needing my 1.75 readers
  • Testosterone increase
  • Joint pain gone
  • Sleep improved
  • Skin improved
  • Much higher tolerance to sun without sunburn
  • Resting pulse down from low 80’s to low 60’s
  • Gums no longer bleed when brushing teeth
  • No longer need the “caution nuclear waste” sign on the bathroom door

Your Keto/Carnivore Story

I am 61 years old and 6’2″. I was 295lbs and started carnivore in Feb ’22. I lost 13lbs a month for 4 straight months and have leveled off at 238-240

I have a large upper body and very little belly fat. I have not worked out at all. The mental clarity is very obvious. My memory is vastly improved.

My ability to solve my daily puzzles is much improved. My attitude and energy as also improved.
Eating no longer controls me, I can eat or not eat, it doesn’t matter. It is extremely liberating.

What is the best (or top 3) pieces of advice you could give someone starting their keto/carnivore health journey?

Read the testimonials, do your research. This will build your confidence
and help you get your mind right before you start.

Eat when you are hungry, eat until you are full with enough fat and salt.

Just do it, there is no better time to start!

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