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Are you currently Keto or Carnivore?


How long have you been keto/carnivore?

2 years

Describe what a Typical Day of Eating Looks like for you.

Noon-2 pm; Bone Broth, beef, farm butter
Dinner: Beef, Eggs, Farm Butter

Describe the health changes you have experienced since going keto/carnivore.

Hospital-acquired Spinal MRSA osteomyelitis Discitis
Diagnosed 6yrs PD
Severe RLS
B12, anemia, iron, folic acid deficiencies
Sleep disturbances
Muscle wasting
Borderline osteoporosis
Autonomic dysfunction
Unable to move without aid

Your Keto/Carnivore Story

At age 69. I wasn’t expecting to recover, let alone live a normal life. In fact, I was going downhill fast, with assisted living as my near future.

mimi's carnivore diet success story




What is the best (or top 3) pieces of advice you could give someone starting their keto/carnivore health journey?

Consistency -10 steps more everyday
Never give up!
Give your body time to heal.
Lift weights.

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