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For years, I ate my three healthy meals a day with snacks in between, lots of water, lots of salads, and lean proteins like boneless, skinless chicken breast. I ran mile after mile or did cardio and lifted weights. Ultimately though, this didn’t make me feel my best, look my best, or improve my health. It made me wonder: Is this the way we were meant to live? Eating a ton, exercising like crazy, repeat, over and over? Incredibly, I had several patients who were struggling to get pregnant for years. No matter what we tried, nothing seemed to be the answer.

On their own, they changed their diets, eliminating carbs and sugar, and suddenly, they were pregnant! I started doing some reading. First about the Paleogenic Diet, then about the Ketogenic Diet and all about the dangers of sugar, carbs, inflammation, and the benefits of fat.

I didn’t believe it at first. Fat is good? It goes against everything I was taught in my medical training and as a student of healthy living. But I tried it and have never looked back. Now I recommend keto to my fertility patients, my colleagues, my friends, and family. I have patients who ask me if they HAVE to go keto.

You will feel better, look better, have more energy, and more clarity of mind.

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