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37413February 01,2019Good Morning, Good Morning. This is Dr. Rob Kiltz on another awesome and amazing day. How are you doing today? It’s another perfect day in the universe. Cloudy, sunny, rainy, snowy, warm or cold, they’re all perfect. They’re God’s gift called life. Sit still and contemplate the beauty of life today. Troubles are part of the tributary of life. The tributary is where all of the energy in the universe comes to fuel life with all that is new, creative, amazing and different. Be a human being. Joy, love, faith, patience, anger, hatred, good, bad, ugly, beauty – that’s life, all of it. Have faith in His way, God’s way. He knows what he’s doing. On the creative journey of the universe, He’s always moving at life speed, always. Take a breath and hold the smile in His way, simply being in the joy of the light of life. Feel the breath of love within your heart, within your life, within your day, within your creative powers of the universe, as the universe is what each of us believes it to be, for belief is the creative nature of God. A breath and smile begins the day. God Bless to you. -Dr. Rob
37393March 13,2018Dr. Rob On the Day Good Morning, Good Morning! It’s Dr. Rob on another awesome and amazing day. LIFE. Wow! It’s the gift of the universe! All the troubles and problems we live with every day, they are all meant to be. Being focused and true is hard to do, but this is what we are to do, for this is life. Those things that are hard, are what we are to do. Those things that are difficult and challenging and often make us feel like what the heck is going on here. We must stand still and be strong in the day, and not lay down and be run over, but stand straight and tall and move forward directly into the fear, because fear is what develops each and every one of us. It is through fear—for faith evolves and restores all things—that we grow, learn, and create and shape that thing we call our destiny or fate. But it is neither of those things. Each day we create our own. It is neither predetermined nor in the stars, but the predetermination is that which you dream and think it should be, and then it unfolds and it will be. Make it more amazing than you ever imagined. MAKE IT MORE AMAZING THAN YOU EVER IMAGINED! The trick is to imagine the great in all that you be and do this day. Yes, I’m up early each and every day. Do your work with passion, joy, fortitude and faith. God is the great creator of our universe. He always knows what he is doing. Always! Read something today that is uplifting and positive. Talk to someone who is new and different, and challenge your beliefs. Do something that challenges your beliefs. God bless to you this day. This is Dr. Rob. Mind, body and put a smile on your face while doing whatever you’re encountering.
37373December 08,2018Hello and Good Morning. It’s Dr. Rob on another awesome day. I’m up early again. Life is in the earliness. You’ve got to be there not only on time, but before time. If you’re just on time, the real stuff has already begun. As they say, “The early bird catches the worm,” and “Early to bed and early to rise . . .,” you know the rest. You can’t prevent anything, because anything and everything can and will happen. When you work to prevent something and then it happens , you say “Oh my God, I worked so hard to prevent it and it happened!” Guess what? This is life. You want to pursue the joy of the day. The trend of life is in pursuing happiness, joy, creativity, and as Jon Acuff has given us in Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters: Get off of the starting line. Never pursue the finish line, but pursue the moment and joy of the now (Eckhart Tolle, you know). This is the flow of life. I’ve been listening to a little bit about bulletproof coffee. Check out bulletproof with Asprey. He’s talked a lot about the importance of healthy, holistic and clean. I know that the drive today is really Fat is our Friend. You’ve got to feed on fatty, friendly foods. Let go of this concept that fat is bad. If you’re carrying the fat . . . ahh! sweet energy you have. Let your body use it by fasting for a fertile life – that means water, coffee, and tea, but get rid of the added stuff. You don’t need it. Add some butter – whole organic grass fed. That’s it. Pursue the day. Let’s say you’re looking at the finish line, because the finish line is a goal. That’s what you’re pursuing, but you know you’re never getting there because the goal is the step you’re on right now. And the next goal is going to be the next step. You can’t prevent, but you can pursue the joy of God’s gift today in life. Pursue painting, potting, making jewelry, communicating, reading, writing, walking. Whatever it is, pursue it with the joy of today and life’s gift is God’s love. Always. Breath and smile this day. The bulletproof idea . . . love it! But let’s take off the flak jacket. You can’t bulletproof or prevent anything. What you want to do is add the joy of life. The craziness is fat should be our main caloric source! Get rid of all of the fruits and vegetables, the pasta, the bread, the yogurt, the milk and all of the junk. It turns out, it’s just sugar that is killing us. Sugar comes from every single carbohydrate. You don’t need to take all of the additives, supplements, and vitamins. You are in oxidative stress . That’s the nature of our bodies. The immune system does two things: (1) it keeps us alive; and (2) it will be the cause of our death. You can’t prevent that. Let’s pursue AMAZING today. Let’s pursue AWESOME. Let’s pursue JOY. Let’s pursue whatever we’re pursuing with a smile and recognize that it’s a gift. The mind is a controller. It fathoms a body, and now you have the gift to give a smile and joy. Don’t run away from or toward something. Appreciate and see the moment you are in right now. Let’s re-inspire ourselves with the joy of the work we are doing today. Let’s enjoy where we’re at and what we’re doing right now. Many things are happening in the world. Sometimes it’s a whirlwind. The wind is always moving, and we’re part of the wind. The joy is wherever you’re at and whatever you’re doing. Love it! This is Dr. Rob. Mind Body Smile. We’re blowing it up and making changes. Check out and bulletproof coffee ( ). Blessings and joy this day! -Dr. Rob
37353December 08,2018Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning! Dr. Rob. Another awesome day!. How are you doing? Starting the day up early . . . every day. And grateful to be participating in life in all of the challenges of life. We’re not fighting anything. We’re just “arting” life –that means that in life there are going to be challenges that you come across. You’re going to decide whether to cross or stay on the other side. Do it always with love, gratitude and be genuine and honest. There are all opinions and sides to life. We all see the same thing. – wow! differently. That’s okay. Some see it as restrictive and the need to close others out. And others see it as inclusive, open and bringing all together. These are all human sides. We all reach the same destination. While we’re here, we’re on our learning mission of life—learning about what others think and say. Remember there’s no other think and say, it’s only us and our perception of what’s happening. That’s the simple, hardest point: we’re here on the journey and it is perfect. Everything that comes about is perfect in the light of life. The gift is that we’re alive. Wherever you’re at and whatever you’re doing, just have faith in His way. Not to hold judgment against or anger, fear or worry—although you may feel and know those things. Take a breath. Know that He knows. We are here to work to make us all whole and one and the very best. On that journey, it just seems like the river is always changing or it’s drying out, or there’s a flood in your life. All part of God’s gift. The sun will come out tomorrow. In the meantime, let’s be grateful for the dark. Be grateful for the shadows and the clouds, the mist and the rain and storms, and the clarity of the day. And only one thing: a breath. It’s fine. Enjoy the moment where you’re at right now. Stand still. God’s gift is that you are there. Wherever. Right now. Not tomorrow, next week or next year. But now. Today. Slow down. As I’m taking my usual morning ride. This morning on Coon Hill and a few deer just mosied across the road. I slow down. And then I speed up at an appropriate speed for the conditions, although I know each of us go a little bit faster than the conditions or are doing things that take our attention off the driving moment. We’re on the drive of life. Get out of the back seat or even the passenger/right seat. Get over to the American left seat (but I guess in other parts of the world, it’s the right seat). When I fly my plane, either side can be the pilot. Pilot, steward, driver . . . You will say things and do things that others will push against. But remember, it’s the force of life. Friction is necessary for all things. Heat through friction. Even that crazy thing called orgasm is through friction, that’s necessary for all of us in reproduction. Not to run away from the concept of what it is and we are, somehow. It’s what God creates. Although we want to shun against war, but we are war-like animals. We work to bring the higher power. Maybe it’s to learn to know our enemy. The art of life. The art of everything. This is just an art project. I’m Dr. Rob Kiltz. I’m just another guy on this journey like all of us. Just thoughts of the day. Nothing special. But yet it’s all special that we are even having a conversation and sharing words from anywhere in the world. God Bless to you. Dr. Rob. Check out Mind Body Smile. Share your thoughts and ideas and help each and every one of us with asking, “Who are you?” God Bless.
37333December 08,2018Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning! Dr. Rob. It’s another awesome and amazing day. How are you doing? I’m starting the day early again. It’s easy starting the day. For there is no finish line you see. I’m listening to Jon Acuff. How do you get from ordinary to awesome when you keep on worrying about the finish line? Acuff says, “Just start!” In truth, there’s just a series of starting lines for life, no finish line. There’s no place to get to because it’s just being at the starting line again and again. Leaving the starting line is really the trick of life. If you’re just sitting and sitting and sitting and worried about the finish line, you’ll never make it. We never make it. There is never always, and always never. The finish line doesn’t exist. It’s simply a matter of starting the day: getting up; moving forward; and setting up the vision of the joy of the day—the perfection and beauty of all that there is. It’s just part of participating in life. It’s simple, right? It’s a thought, not an action. It’s not motion. It’s the thought of the day. I know. You know. The thought is always perfect, beautiful, and wonderful, gracious, kind, and good. How easy and wonderful life is! We all know that. We’re alive and that’s the gift -through reading and listening and writing and sharing and kindness and joy and smiles. We all will get bumps once we’ve left the starting line, falls and scrapes too. Sometimes we will veer off the track into the sand pit, or maybe we’ll have to grab the javelin or go over the high jump, but you’re out there participating and that’s all that matters. It may be different than what you know, but do it today! I’m listening to Jon Acuff and enjoying Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters. That’s it. Be one that leaves the starting line. Leave it. Get away from the starting line because it’s just a place where you’ve been sitting on the couch and watching and waiting for something to happen. It’s about actually leaving the starting line. And then there’s just another series of starting lines that follow. In fact, there’s no winning, no finishing, no what next or never, there’s just today. Enjoy the day. This is Dr. Rob. It’s another awesome and amazing day because we’re in the alive category. Remember, an evening meal is the best. Lots of fat, because fatty foods is where it’s at. Get rid of the carbs – 70/20/10. But when you’re really in the sweet spot, it’s more like 70/30, so that means 70% of your calories are from saturated animal fat – bacon, butter, beef. Throw in some coconut and avocado too. If you need a little bit of the green stuff – just a little bit—that’s okay. But get away from all the processed foods and milk because it’s sugar that does that damage. Start the Keto-Paleo. This is Dr. Rob. Enjoy the day. God Bless!
37313May 22,2019Glucose is a tasty fuel that we’re driven to consume and eat in abundance. The human body is really smart. It has little happy sensors that say, “Wow! This is really good for me.” It knows how to get you to eat. It knows how to get you fat, because you are meant to be fat. It wants you fattened up for the fall and winter months to come so you are there and ready for the springtime, whether you need to travel to the hunting grounds or you’re there already. Maybe we’re meant to get fat, and fast and hibernate. But we’re driven to all carbohydrates and some are more sugary and sweet for a reason – to get us to consume them more and more. Somehow, we’ve created this story that they’re good for us and that complex carbs are better than simple. Those carbs – complex and sugar (simple)—all become one thing: simple sugars in the gut to be absorbed into the bloodstream to be transported in order to be stored as fat. Insulin goes up so glucose goes down because the body wants glucose to be 60, not 70-100. Hypoglycemia is a rare, rare thing unless you’re taking insulin. The fasting state actually is the best you can be in. Because glucose is now low (as it’s supposed to be) and the mighty mitochondria continue to burn fat (Acyl-CoA), which comes from the fat stores both in the cell itself and the surrounding tissue and those distant stores that are meant to be there in order to help us thrive and survive. In fact, being fat is fit. Glucose is the toxin that we’re meant to eat so we can get fat, have stored energy and so we can go longer and longer in order to find more food and reproductive potential and do the things human beings are meant to do. And yet, we’ve been convinced how good carbs are, especially complex carbs. But this is not science. It’s marketing and fiction. All the minerals and vitamins and energy come from the fatty stores of our own animal-ness. When you eat fat, you actually become fit and reduce inflammation and appetite. Because it’s the time when your body says there is plenty of abundant fuel and we don’t have to run to seek food and hibernation is not coming. Glucose is the simple toxin we’re meant to eat and get fat from. We’re meant to consume it in abundance because it wasn’t around very long under most normal conditions before modern agriculture and modern methods of transportation and preservation of food. Yet you must know that carbohydrates that are blended in a blender that micronizes and releases the simple sugars but still leaves many plant antigens that disperse within your body and are plastered within every cell structure. The immune system says this is foreign material and we have an immunologic reaction (not an autoimmune reaction; it’s a simple natural reaction to get rid of foreign substances). It doesn’t see our own cells as foreign, but it sees the material that’s embedded in our cells as foreign and it’s working to get them out. Meanwhile the high glucose levels have caused damage to the white blood cells and the inflammatory immune system, and they cause even more damage. Now we are immuno-compromised (either high or low) but it is actually causing more damage and disease and makes us seek survival through the consumption of more carbohydrates and sugar because our body thinks doom is on the horizon. We must begin to eat the fat. By eating fat, we become thin. Inflammation is reduced. The mighty mitochondria are strengthened because it is simply the high glucose that causes the damage, not the high fat in our systems. We have been duped to believe that fat is bad and fresh fruits and vegetables and fiber are good. Quite the opposite is likely true, but our opiate receptors say, “Yes, we like that.” Of course we do. But both the glucose and antigens from plant material are the cause of our autoimmune diseases, which are all of the allergic reactions happening in our bodies that cause damage to the gut cells, skin cells, vascular cells, heart cells, neurologic cells, immune cells, the immune system, the everything. The rise in the damage and disease to our body is not from some strange foreign toxin, some pesticide or some GMO. It’s simply from the abundant food substances and variety and almost certainly the carbs that are our killer. Unfortunately, we like to look at population-based studies and come up with “what about this?” or “what about that” and it’s easy to find someone like my grandmother who lived to 104 who smoked and drank (Pall Malls and Manhattans) and we thought that adding a filter was good or drinking red wine and beer that’s organic was better. But these are toxins to our body, and the biggest one is glucose. When you begin to realize this and you begin to eat the fat (bacon, eggs, butter, beef –the BEBE diet), you’ll see it’s the best health diet ever, even if it doesn’t make sense. The simple story is that glucose is a toxin and you can’t simply take a drug to lower the glucose and think you’re good. Because the moment you do that, you want more carbs to fill the need/desire of the opiate receptors to be happy. We are driven to only a few things that lead us to happiness, and yet we get there, get the happy, and then we get the miserable. This is the idea that most of us cannot believe. But look at your health bills and our health care system. Costs are rising and it is a big machine. But in fact, it is not helping us to become healthy. I call it “sick-care” instead of healthcare. You are responsible for your healthcare and no one else. Healthcare is driven by what you put into your body and nothing else. You choose to put more or less, or good or bad, or right or wrong. It’s your heart. Relax. Rejuvenate. Slow it down and take a walk. See the wonder of the universe. Less is more. Glucose is the killer. Your body wants fat, that’s why we get fat, to get thin. This is Dr. Rob Kiltz just sharing some stories about your health and wellness. God bless.
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37203December 21,2018The next idea is the Institute for Healthy Aging – not anti-aging, not for sustained health, but for Healthy Aging. We are all going to age and we are all going to die. In the process, why don’t we learn how to better utilize our environment, our minds, our bodies, and find joy and happiness in many of the challenges that God and the universe has created for each of us? Disease will come – cancers, inflammatory conditions, strokes, heart disease, etc. But, we have some new methods and ideas that maybe we need to learn and tap into that are a complete 180-degree change from what we’ve been taught. Maybe we don’t need as much exercise? Maybe we don’t need to be eating all those fruits, vegetables and fibers? Maybe we need to be eating more of the fat we’ve been told not to eat? Maybe we need begin to not wrestle with work/life balance, but focus on finding that joy in whatever we are doing – work, home, family, whatever the challenge is– find joy within that! That’s the idea for the Institute for Healthy Aging. We want to begin to bring us together, all of us, with new ideas. There’s so much out there that’s been around for thousands of year, but we are pushed around by marketing gurus about this and that and money. Money is the energy of the universe. I’m not against that. I’m interested in how to bring new and valuable ideas to all of us to help find a journey, a path. Whether it’s marred with failures, bumps, ripples, twists and turns (that’s how the painting and art of life comes–through challenges, problems, and learning)– it’s all good. There are many ideas out there. What you’re feeling, thinking and experiencing is not unhealthy or harmful. It’s part of the journey of life. Institute for Healthy Aging. NOT anti-aging, because anti-aging is taking a gun to your head now. We are all for the aging process, and recognize that it might end tomorrow, 5 years or 50 years. Whatever your time might be, enjoy all of it! This is Dr. Rob just throwing out some ideas for creating something new, vibrant, holistic and hospitable. Not a hospital, but a resort /destination spot to bring people together to share new and vibrant ideas. God Bless!
37183May 22,2019Hello and good morning, this is Dr. Rob Kiltz. The question is what is causing the rise in all of these common diseases – diabetes, hypertension, anxiety, stroke, cancer, autoimmune disease, gastrointestinal disorders – reflux, irritable bowel, colitis, and you name it. The list goes on and on. All of us, at any age, are suffering from these diseases. Whether we are children, infants, young adults, middle aged adults or the elderly. We know it’s coming. Something is coming. It’s on the rise. What if the common diseases we experience are caused by the common foods we eat? This is an upside-down world. The more we spend on healthcare, it seems the more damage and disease we experience. The more we spend. The more it costs. The more drugs we need and surgical intervention and more special devices. Obesity is on the rise. We wonder how this is happening with all of the special diets, work-out facilities and home gyms. Who isn’t constantly on a diet? Yes, we are constantly on the diet lifestyle. What if the common foods we consume cause the common diseases we have? It’s simple. The fruits/fiber/vegetable/high carb diet is the sugar diet and sugar is what causes all of our common diseases. If you’re infusing sugar into your bloodstream 24-7, you’re dead. You’re damaged and diseased –arthritis, irritable bowel, irritable brain, irritable life. Our health care is really “sick-care”, because every time you go to the doctor you need a cholesterol med, hypertensive med, diabetic med, anxiety med, depression med – why do we need all of the meds? Maybe there is something going on in the water, toxins, the environment and the stress of life, but it’s simply in the foods in our cupboards and refrigerators and at the supermarket. The supermarket is super-sizing all of us with the basket we fill with all of the abundant fruits, fibers and vegetables that are “healthy”, but may not be. Ask the simple question. Maybe not! We exercise constantly, yet we see more disease, obesity, dysfunction and more money spent on healthcare. Can it be as simple as the foods we eat each and every day: kale, rice, pasta, bread, yogurt, milk, fruits, fiber, vegetables are fueling the damage in our gastrointestinal tract and filling it 24/7 with the fermentation milieu – that happy environment for bacteria and yeast? They say there are good and bad bacteria and yeast, and I’m wondering who says that? We are neither horses, nor cows or pigs. We are more like a lion or a tiger than you or I understand. The simple answer is likely the right one. The box of cereal, the bag of rice and the bushel of fruits and vegetables are simply all 100% carbohydrates, broken down into simple sugars which are slowly secreting glucose into our bloodstream. That glucose is being transported to the liver, pancreas and every cell in our body. It wants to be converted to fat, because glucose is toxic to our bodies. GLUCOSE IS TOXIC TO OUR BODIES. Our body makes glucose and excessive glucose above 60-70 is bad for you and me. It’s the only toxin causing advanced glycation in products from glycation as opposed to glycosylation. Look it up! Wikipedia is the best, by the way. The information is available to all of us. What I say doesn’t make any sense. I didn’t believe it either, but I did it. I eliminated nearly all fruit, fiber, vegetables, yogurt, pasta, bread, milk, rice, pasta, cereal, bananas – they’re bad for you and me. The American Healthcare advice may be killing us slowly, from before we’re born, because our mothers consumed very high carbohydrate diet and then they were told to limit their food intake. They were told to keep it to fruits, fiber, vegetables, milk and yogurt and then exercise. But in fact, this all leads to all of the drugs, potions and to the surgical corrections for gallstones, appendicitis, and gastrointestinal surgeries for inflammation. The body is highly inflamed by glucose and all sugars. The fermentation of complex carbohydrates causes the damage in our body. By consuming a high fat, low carb diet we heal the body, suppress inflammation and suppress our appetite. Slow it down! Do not do the wear and tear on the joints, muscles and entire body. We run on the road and think we’re somehow going to beat the car. No, not one bit! A breath and smile to start the day. A fresh cup of coffee or tea with full cream or butter. Bacon and eggs for breakfast. Nothing for lunch and no snacks during the day followed by a fatty dinner. No wine or alcohol. No pasta, no bread. No salad, no fruits, no fiber or vegetables. This doesn’t make much sense. I agree. But, arthritis is caused by sugar, carbohydrates and fiber and running, running and running. This is the opposite of what we’ve all been taught, but let’s just see. If you’re on any of these drugs or getting any of these surgical corrections, change it up! We are like lions and tigers. Lions and tigers eat fatty meat. They don’t graze all day long. They eat once and a while. They rest a lot. They do not exercise. They hunt. They mate. They nap. Slow your life down. Read a good book this day. Listen to a good book. Think good thoughts of all around you. The ketogenic and Paleogenic diets are man-made ideas. They’re great and a good start. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, spread out your meals by 24 hours or more. The fat we all carry is the fuel for the mitochondria. The mighty mitochondria are our power house. When it is damaged, all bets are off. It’s a bummer, I know. It’s a simple concept and idea that I share. It doesn’t and didn’t make sense to me as a doctor who learned all about nutrition from whom? The nutrition/food industry and the government. It is not a conspiracy one bit. We are simply blinded to the truth. My sister Maria passed away at age 52 from prolonged chronic diabetes from age 4. The diet we suggest – the American Diabetic Association diet—is heavy in fruits and vegetables and simply take your insulin and cover your sugars. It’s a killer. You can change it, but don’t believe me one bit. Begin to read and test it out and realize, amazingly, we don’t need to eat any sugar. Carbohydrates are unnecessary 100%, but you must eat essential fats and essential protein. That’s it. But believe it or not the fatty meat contains all of the minerals and vitamins. We don’t need excessive water and supplements. Amazing. Now eat fresh from the farm and make it fatty. If you have excess fat (and most of us do), that’s your fuel for the next day or two, three or four. When you eat a fatty meal, guess what? The inflammation goes down. Energy goes up. You’ll feel strength, joy and rejuvenation each and every day. My bet is that we’re always burning ketones and fat, but they’re being hidden by the high glucose levels and inflammation in our bodies. Food for thought, but thought is the real food here. An interesting idea . . . This is Dr. Rob Kiltz. Don’t believe me. Begin to test it out for yourself. Enjoy this day. God bless.
37163February 01,2019Hello and Good Morning.  This is Dr. Rob Kiltz on another awesome and amazing day.  How are you doing? Doing Eternity Always Through Heaven – I think they call that DEATH.  It is the conversion of the body back to its spiritual form and the release of the spirit to the universe to keep on doing what it’s meant to do, and that’s live.  This is where we find the beauty and perfection of God’s universe.  Within each of us, this beautiful universe has creative energy and emotion.  You and I are the emotion of the universe. Through our thoughts and through the Word comes health and wellness.  The eternal word is through the mind and not the body.  All things are in the word of life. Doing Eternity’s Action Through Heaven.  Maybe that’s it?  The smile of life is the joy of life.  Through faith – faith is the ability to stand on the platform of the universe (the foundation) with the knowing of its perfect way—flows love.  Neither good nor bad, not right nor wrong, not light nor dark, but its perfect action in all things. Through love, life flows.  Through love, the universe flows – how it’s meant to be and the perfect nature of what it is.  A breath and smile, a blessing of life, it’s simple and easy.  The breath of life is perfect, you see.  Hold that smile this day. What we put into our brain – the thoughts we add every day—it’s food. It’s sustenance. It’s the daily bread.  Read, listen, speak, write, and share about this amazing journey this day and every day.  We are all simply sharing God’s way this day and every day.  Join me this day in Doing Eternity’s Action Through Heaven.  That’s the place – that fantasy place, that dream place that becomes the reality through thy mind. This is Dr. Rob sharing some thoughts on death, with love always.  God Bless to you.
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