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Low Intensity Exercises: Health Benefits and Types

Low-intensity exercise provides powerful health benefits without the stress, and wear and tear, and inflammation…


Yoga Nidra 101: Full Body Relaxation, Benefits, and Tips

Access a state of consciousness between waking and sleep for powerful mind and body benefits


Yoga for Digestion: 6 Poses to Get Things Moving

Tired of dealing with indigestion, abdominal pain, or bloating? These yoga poses are a great step toward rebalancing your body.


8 Bedtime Yoga Poses for Better Sleep

Bedtime yoga is a gentle, restorative, and natural way to prepare your body and mind…


Yoga for Beginners: Take This Quiz to Find Your Style

Finding the right yoga can be tricky. This quiz swaps trial and error for a…


What types of yoga are right for you?

Finding what types of yoga are right for you can feel a lot like shopping…

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