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Does Salt Break a Fast? The Truth

We associate salt with food, so when we’re eliminating all food on a fast, it’s…

Intermittent Feasting & Fasting

Prolonged Fasting: How to and Health Benefits

Prolonged fasting for health has been practiced throughout history and across cultures,  including ancient Egypt,…


Egg Yolk Nutrition and Benefits

Egg yolks are the radiant, nutrient-packed heart of the humble chicken egg, yet they’ve long…

Antinutrients and Plant Toxins

Salicylate Sensitivity & Foods High in Salicylates

Dietary choices are a pillar of health and wellness. But what happens when the plant…

Antinutrients and Plant Toxins

The Hidden Dangers of Trypsin Inhibitors in Plant Foods

In the realm of nutrition and health, there’s a lot of dogma behind plant-based diets.…


The Best Carnivore Diet Beef Jerky to Buy and Make

In a world filled with dietary trends and nutritional philosophies, the carnivore diet has emerged…


Is Cheese Healthy? Top 7 Benefits of Cheese

Cheese has held a cherished spot on our plates for centuries. From fresh chevre to…

types of carnivore

What is the Dirty Carnivore Diet?

With the rising popularity of the carnivore diet, there are bound to be people who…


Does Red Meat Cause Inflammation? What the Science Says

Despite the anti-meat scare tactics and misinformation that have clogged nutritional media channels since at…


Top 8 Benefits of Ghee (Clarified Butter)

Ghee is a type of butter that has been “clarified” to remove dairy proteins. The…

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