spirit animal coffee

Spirit Animal Coffee

If you’re worried about molds in your coffee (like you should be), SAC is your savior. SAC is the world’s first certified Mycotoxin (Mold) Free Coffee, is grown on small family farms in Honduras, and has a truly exquisite taste.

Oyster Boom Supplement Bottle

Oyster Boom™

Made by my friends Zach and Dr. Sabrina Solt. Each serving of Oyster Boom™ is the equivalent of 7 large oysters and is loaded with zinc, selenium, copper, iodine, B12, and more.

carnivore crips affiliate

Carnivore Crips

I’m usually a leftover steak in a Ziploc bag kind of guy if I need a snack or am on the road, but these crunchy yummy and nutritious snacks are well worth it!

nose to tail affiliate logo

Nose to Tail

Founded by my friend and carnivore thought leader Brian Sanders, Nose to Tail offers amazing fresh meats, beef snacks, animal-based soaps/lotions and so much more.

Fresh meat tomahawk steak on old wooden board. Dark background. Closeup

Porter Roads

Great high-quality meat shipped right to your door.

beef and ground beef packets

First Light Farms

Grass-fed wagyu and venison right to your door. Yup, it’s damn good stuff!

us wellness meats affiliate logo

US Wellness Meats

Get nutritious foods from local farmers maintaining the highest farming standards to produce the highest quality meat for your table.

jar of primal derma

Primal Derma

Primal Derma is made from rendered, grass-fed beef tallow, which is nearly bio-identical to human skin cells for better absorption and better skin.

cbd tincture


CBD helps promote a healthy life. It has been shown to help relieve pain, anxiety, depression, and reduce inflammation.

raw ribeye steak

Butcher Box

There’s nothing like the convenience of subscription grass fed, grass finished beef and other meat products. My go to for mouth watering meats!